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Welcome to Hood Woods! Located in rural North America. We are known for our beautiful butterflies, delicious donuts and our Shifty Bears. The bears usually hang around the bearcave but are not spotted in the wild too often, if they do their drip is usually too clean and tourists can be so mezmerized that they forget to take pictures! Our artist Mike B. has been the only person to see one in person and has recreated them on the WAX Blockchain!

The Shifty Bears are friendly creatures to those that bring good vibes with them. They are known to have befriended slugs, cats, raccoons, frogs, gators, and even kings! Tourists love to frequent the woods and setup camp outside Mr. Bear's cave during the warmer months. If you do decide to visit, make sure you keep an eye for any squirrels. The squirrels in these woods are always stirring up trouble and have been at war with the Shifty Bears for decades! 

Episode 1: A Slug's Tale

Slug's have been living in the Bear Cave since before bears even existed. They remain there to avoid the squirrels, the Slug's unlikely foe, who continues to try and rid the woods of this chill, slimy creature. 

Mr. Bear's good friend
Chemistry Cat has noticed the squirrels have been missing for some time and believes that the Cave (and Slugs) will come under attack.  
After numerous experiments, CC discovered a gateway to the
multiverse through a rare slime found in the cave. CC thinks the squirrels have harvested this power in an attempt to overtake the cave.  
Chemistry Cat was able to harness this power himself and developed a series of mechs that can be used by a modified Slug. 

First you will need some ingredients:
a container of Slippy's Glue (1)
 - a box of Baking Soda (1) 
   - Weapons System Parts (1) 
Navigation System Parts (1)

Then you will need to create your mech with both System Parts and receive a random empty Slug Mech! 

Once you have your empty mech you will then need
Baking Soda and Slippy's Glue to create your DIY Slug Slime

After you make your DIY Slug Slime, blend it with your empty Mech to receive a 1/1 mechanized Slug! (Final blends will be live a week after launch)

Chemistry Cat has hidden these ingredients around the butterfly field and can be found in
Mr. Bear's Secret Stash!  

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