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Now that you've setup camp, let's go over how the Bear Cave works:

First you will need to visit the Staking screen and make sure you have a Map and it is staked. Next, you will need to stake NFTs from the shiftybearsx collection, called Energizers, in order to start generating energy.

Each NFT from the collection will stake for approximately
5 energy* /hour.

You can find our drops here and the secondary marketplace!

Once you have energy generated you will be able to "Enter" the Bear Cave. This will consume 10 energy. You will then select to "Mint NFT" or "Add to Inventory" before you enter. After you select your playing option, you will then enter the cave and have a chance to win a strawberry-laced donut.

You will need to have a donut added to your inventory in order to "Chase the Butterfly." Chasing will consume 20 energy and 1 burned donut. Donuts can be added in the 'Inventory' screen if purchased on any secondary market. Once you "Chase" you will have a chance to win a 'Secret Stash' or 'honeypot.' Inside the honeypots will be special pieces to blends that can be used in future adventures. 

These are very difficult to earn and could contain numerous types of NFTs. The contents will be ever changing in this adventure. Each stash can be unboxed in the "Inventory" screen. For details about the current stash ingredients, please check our Lore page.

*Staking rates aren't important to us as this dapp is a community-centered project and we'd rather make it fun then worry about assigning mining rates.


For Trades/Swaps visit our Telegram group below!

Check out our friends at CryptoDumbys to learn more about the Bear Cave!

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